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Winning Numbers for August 14, 2019

Increase your odds using Number Position and Patterns.

Pattern {6}....... has won 5 times.

Pattern {5-1}..... has Won 60 times.

Pattern {4-2}..... has Won 182 times.

Pattern {4-1-1}... has Won 182 times.

Pattern {3-3}..... has Won 136 times.

Pattern {3-2-1}... has Won 884 times.

Pattern {2-2-2}... has Won 232 times.

Select Six numbers using Patterns based on three Groups.

Use Patterns to help pick winning numbers.

As of August 14, 2019, there have been 1,681 Lotto Texas draws using the numbers 1 through 54. Drawings from July 19, 2000, thru May 03, 2003 are included.
Feel free to use all information to help you with your Lottery Strategy. Updates will be available following each draw.

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